My Story

Back in 2012, I stumbled across someone selling Scentsy online. I immediately became intrigued because I loved having candles going all of the time - but we all know how unsafe it is. After doing my own research I decided that I had to have a Scentsy warmer because of how safe it was, AND because of all of the amazing scents and beautiful warmers. I had such a hard time narrowing down what I really wanted. I bit the bullet and ordered a mid-size warmer (Doodlebud) and 3 wax bars (perfectly pomegranate, havana cabana and you go girl!) and since then I've been hooked. I haven't purchased any candles since then! After I made my first purchase, I watched Scentsy grow. I saw them introduce the layers line, many different warmers - including the element warmers, and so much more. I continued purchasing, but I always had in the back in my mind that maybe I should become a consultant myself. In February 2014, I finally got the courage I needed after hosting an online party. It was successful enough to convince me that I wanted to become a consultant and share how awesome these products are with all of my friends and family. I'm so glad I did because I've met so many new people, and have created new friendships. My team is like a family, and we are always encouraging eachother when we need it. I'm so glad I have joined, I just wish I did it sooner! If you're interested in buying Scentsy, hosting a party, or even becoming a consultant yourself, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm here to help whenever you need it!